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Organizational and
fund development expertise

Organizational and fund development expertise


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about alisa

Alisa Chatinsky has a spent the past 20 years helping non-profit achieve success. She uses a common-sense business approach, urging CEOs and directors to remove their social work hats, and replace them with their for-profit business hats.

Working in $250,000 – $14M non-profits, Alisa brings her wealth of knowledge to her consulting clients. Whether you are a long-standing or start-up organization, Alisa will provide you with an in-depth assessment and detailed scope of work describing the outcomes of her work with your organization.


working together

Combining her business acumen and her love for non-profits, Alisa offers her consulting services based on the unique needs of each organization. She works with your non-profit leadership to identify the organization’s greatest needs and goals. Then Alisa goes to work for you to help your non-profit attain the next level of success. Her ability to connect the right people with the right money is one of her key offerings.

from the principal

“While focusing on the best interest of those served is the utmost importance, we cannot do so without making a profit. It is up to an organization to develop diversified funding sources in order to reinvest its profits. If we fail to do this, we will not be able to achieve our mission,” shares Alisa.


“I appreciate the service quality that you brought to Arizona Helping Hands.  You are a class act and a true professional. The service you have provided to me and the organization has truly added value.   My sincere appreciation for all your hard work.”

Dan Shufelt

President & CEO, Arizona Helping Hands

small but mighty

Based on the organization’s needs, Alisa has a team of dedicated C-level professionals from which she draws. Whether it be administration, program or development, NPO Success has what your organization needs to progress to the subsequent stages of achievement.

“Alisa did a masterful job building our strategic plan.  She met with board members both individually and collectively and helped us build a road map that we will use for years to come.  Alisa greatly exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend her.”

Mark Stodda

Chairman of the Board, Daring Adventures

“I want to share how deeply I appreciate the way you’ve thrown yourself in to shifting our development efforts to a new level of professionalism, prepped for a transition. I value you so much as a colleague, trusted advisor, passionate advocate and friend.”

Cindy Ornstein

Executive Director, Mesa Arts Center


—Interim executive director work
—Capacity building
—Strategic planning
—Board training and development
—Grant research and writing
—Marketing plans
—Development plans
—Capital campaigns
—Interim development director work
—Organizational analysis
—Direct mail and electronic fundraising
—Social enterprise
—Annual giving circles
—Legacy societies
—Planned giving
—Special events