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Is Your Organization Grant Ready?

I often get calls from nonprofit leaders that say, “We need funding. We want to hire a grant writer.” Whether in startup phase or a 20+ year-old organization, grant preparedness is essential before a pen is ever put to paper (so to speak).

During those first conversations, I try not to scare them away, but want leaders to know…

  • What they already have in place
  • What needs to be in place before the
  • organization embarks in successful grant seeking

​​Depending on the organization and its capacity, this can mean significant time to be grant ready. Here are my best questions an organization must answer to increase the likelihood of successful grant funding.

Key Questions to Ask

  1. ​Is our mission clearly defined?
  2. Do we have a clear, concise and compelling case for support for the organization?
  3. What makes our organization different from others with similar missions and work?
  4. Are our programs well defined?
  5. Do we have data on the individuals we serve?
  6. How do we measure success?
  7. Do we have the resources in place to measure success?
  8. Do we have an operating budget?
  9. Are our bookkeeping systems set up to accurately track grant funds?
  10. Are we able to deliver on what we will promise in our proposal?
  11. Do we have qualified staff to deliver our programs?
  12. Do we know the actual cost of our programs?
  13. Do we know how much we need to raise?
  14. Will board members, volunteers or stakeholders champion our grant?
  15. Is the opportunity right for us?

If the answer is yes to all of the questions—or nearly all, congratulations, you are grant ready! If not, and would like some assistance to make your organization grant ready, drop me a line. If you would like a copy of NPO Success’ grant preparation form, simply send me an email alisa@nposuccess.org and put Grant Prep Form in the subject line.

Happy grant seeking!

"Can I just say, thank you.  I have appreciated you to no end during your time here.  You have set us up in such a thoughtful way. Engagement is in a better place because of your work."
Mandi Tripoli
Director of Community-Engaged Practices, Mesa Arts Center | Arts in Mind Engagement
“I certainly appreciate Alisa’s willingness and efforts.”
Mark Publow
Chief Development Officer, Children's Defense Fund
“I want to share how deeply I appreciate the way you’ve thrown yourself in to shifting our development efforts to a new level of professionalism, prepped for a transition. I value you so much as a colleague, trusted advisor, passionate advocate and friend.”
Cindy Ornstein
Executive Director, Mesa Arts Center